Clear writing is clear thinking

Writing is often glamourised. To be a writer is to be artistic, soulful and cool

For most of my life, I’ve wanted to be a writer. However every time I conjure the urge to write, the question of what to write about comes up.

I have nothing to say most of the time because I don’t real confident enough to say I know something for certain. To write you need something valuable to say.

Or do you?

Is it possible to simply write for yourself without a need for an audience.

Can I simply write to form opinions? To inform myself. To become more articulate, thoughtful and precise when thinking. To convey my opinions, beliefs and ideas. More importantly to expose them to critical and rational analysis. I want to change my mind on the basis of good arguments. On rationality.

This is what I hope to explore. Let me pretend to be a writer on the internet. To virtually shout into my pillow. If you happen to hear it, I hope you don’t think me a madman.

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