A hobby of mine has always been writing various pieces of software to make aspects of life a bit simpler/easier.

I’ve recently got into iOS Dev. Still learning.

Contact me if you have any ideas, especially within healthcare!

Here are a few of my projects. Quite simple but fun :

Quote Keeper

This was a project as I wanted a way to store highlights from Kindle and eBooks. Syncs to the cloud, organise by tags, author, book. Also made a ‘tinder’ style swipe thing to review cards. Fun project!

IR Logbook

I made this during an attachment I had in radiology. Someone suggested that it would be cool to have an electronic logbook. I made this in the block. I could work on it more, but not really incentivised at the moment. It was a fun project, can export it all to an excel.

Simple BP

First app I made. Can track blood pressure and view it on a graph over time. Really old…


Another really old project. Just made it as a way to learn some concepts, really simple, no longer supported.

Feedback Form Generator

I decided to do a hackathon. I was a medical student, and I found I was doing a lot of teaching on the wards. I wanted a way to get some feedback, for myself (and portfolio!)

I made this in approximately 3-4 hours? It works. Not pretty, but it works. Can export to PDF.